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Blue Ribbon at Bluechip Sale Thursday, June 5, 2014

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  • About Bluechip
    Bluechip was the home of the 2006 International Dairy Week...
  • Location
    THE FARM Heading north (travelling away from Shepparton and Melbourne)...
  • Housing / Export
    Bluechip Boarding: Prices: Below < 4mths – $8/day 4mths >...
  • Employment
    International Employment Opportunity Positions often Available - Bluechip Genetics often...


DeanDi-IDW2013_WBluechip Genetics is a vital spoke in a seamless Australasian marketing wheel that revolves around Dean and Dianna Malcolm - the owner/operators of Australia’s all breeds website and magazine, and CrazyCow In Print.

Dean’s graduation as one of Australia’s most talented cattle fitters to cattle photographer, graphic designer, farmer (from June 2006) and cattle judge (in three breeds in several states) has been a steady metamorphosis. Combined with Dianna’s 20-year career in metropolitan journalism (predominately in sports writing) and their families’ respective high profile Holstein herds in Australia and New Zealand gives Bluechip a telling resume.