About Bluechip

Bluechip was the home of the 2006 International Dairy Week (IDW) grand champion Holstein, the 2008 IDW grand champion Illawarra; the 2008 IDW reserve champion Ayrshire; the 2008 IDW reserve junior Holstein champion; the 2008 IDW honourable mention senior champion Jersey and Holstein, the 2011 Reserve and Honourable Mention Senior Champion Holsteins, 2011 Reserve Junior Champion Holstein and the 2012 Reserve Junior Champion Holstein. Dean was also one of the co-breeders of the 2005 and 2007 IDW grand champion Holstein, Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94 (who is now owned by Leslie Farms). It means Dean had some sort of tie to the grand champion Holstein at IDW for three successive years between 2005 and 2007.

Bluechip is the 2010 premier breeder and reserve premier exhibitor and the 2011 and 2012 premier breeder and premier exhibitor from International Dairy Week and the most successful exhibitor (including showing supreme champion dairy cow) at the 2010 Royal Melbourne Dairy Show (Victorian Holstein State Show).

The start of 2006 was the beginning of a significant shift in the tempo of their cattle plans. They bought a 145-acre property, located five minutes from Shepparton (and 20 minutes from IDW's base) and established a 100-cow herd. From the start they planned to share their best with the industry. It led to the Blue Ribbon Sale and the Bluechip Invitational (co-vendor) sales held on alternative years.

The farm also gave their growing group of high-end cattle a permanent home. The barn and ecoshelter that followed their animals into the new property are part of a plan to showcase all breeds of Australasian cattle in addition to fully imported bloodlines within Bluechip's portfolio.

The 2012 highlight was setting an Australasian record price of $101,000 for Bluechip Apple Spice (pictured below left), a three-month-old daughter of the 2011 World Dairy Expo Red and White Grand Champion Holstein, KHW Regiment Apple EX95.

Their ambitious agenda is supported by a group of Holstein partnerships that have undoubtedly supported their rapid contribution to the industry. It has also been pivotal in Bluechip being able to assemble arguably one of Australia’s most exciting groups of cattle to be housed on the one property. They include:

  • Ross and Leanne Dobson (Fairvale Holsteins)
  • Dean and Jo Geddes (Tahora Holstens, NZ)
  • Tim Abott - St Jabocs (US)
  • Ferme Blondin (Canada)
  • Duckett Holsteins (US)
  • Chris McKrisken (Canada)
  • Apple Syndicate (US)
  • Mike and Sheryl Deaver (Sherona Hill Holsteins, US)
  • Sandy Cole (Canada)
  • Averill Leslie (NZ)
  • Scott and Pip Robinson (Eastview Holsteins)
  • Barry and Mark Mason (Barkly Holsteins)
  • Declan Patten and Craig Rapley (Riana Holsteins)
  • John and Andrea Shine (Melville Park Holsteins)
  • Mark and Kym Cuda (Barron Bella Holsteins)
  • Jock Colton (Calivil Holsteins)
  • Suzie Falls (Gold-Bar Jerseys)
  • Willette Farms
  • Kelvin and Ronny Cochrane
  • Emma Castles
  • Arabella Farms
  • Woodside Park Genetics
  • Ryanna Holsteins

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